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Education Services

Education is an integral component of the total treatment in an intensive psychiatric inpatient program.  Students who meet admission criteria to the facility are immediately enrolled into the education program at Gulf Coast Treatment Center in Bradenton, FL. Gulf Coast Treatment Center education is contracted through the Radar Group. Each teacher is certified and licensed under the Florida Department of Education.

Goals of the Education Program

  • Maintain academic progress by meeting educational requirements. 
  • Provide individualized education services that address the resident’s academic and developmental needs.
  • Provide a continuum of services from and to local education agencies.
  • Ensure students’ academic preparation upon return to school and community.


  • Therapeutic Education Model
  • Educational assessments are utilized to evaluate each student’s ability to perform appropriately in a school setting.
  • Member of the multidisciplinary team which meets to review progress every thirty days.
  • Certified general, special and regular education teachers.
  • Self-contained model with collaboration among teachers; multi-grade classrooms.
  • Behavioral support within the classroom with a consistent behavior management system.