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Educational services are provided by the Rader Group. The special educational teachers are certified and have experience working with adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems. Patients receive educational services based on their level of functioning.
Patients attend school a minimum of 5 hours per day, 250 days per year. The education department’s certification enables patients to receive a GED or high school diploma from a Giant Academy accredited school.

Gulf Coast Treatment Center, due to its therapeutic milieu in a secure setting, has successfully treated many patients who have exhausted all of the residential mental health resources in their home state.

Gulf Coast Treatment Center contracts with several states to provide long term residential treatment to patients for whom no other options are available. The GCTC staff takes great pride in treating patients with challenging problems and with few other placement options.

Contact us to learn more: (850) 863-4160 or (800) 537-5433.